“i was discriminated against for being from my caste”-1 upper caste in 10,000

“i was discriminated against for being from my caste”-9,999 reserved citizens in 10,000

“i do not care about the system”-privileged

“i live on minimum wage because of the system”-oppressed

“i hate to vote”-priviliged

“i only exist because of my vote”-oppressed

“i only fly economy: what success?”-upper middle class

“i have never sat in a car.”-the poor

“i only shop in the super market”-upper middle class

“i sleep hungry.”-the poor

“i do not care about the news”-privileged

“i am the person that was lynched today in the news”-oppressed

“i only see news that aligns with my agenda”-privileged

“i die because of the shouting in the news rooms in the agenda”-oppressed

“i am the privileged and rich minority”- a minority in the minority

“i am the privileged and rich”-the majority in the majority

“i do not discriminate; why should i get the hate?”-the privileged

“we are discriminated against everyday. if we hate, it is not on you that are not discriminating; it is on those that do discriminate. this is not about you. the argument that you are making is the same as #notallmen . you don’t deserve credit for not discriminating. it is normal. it is expected from you as the bare minimum. stfu.”-oppressed

“i don’t discriminate. it is not my job to speak up against those that i love in my caste that do.”-privileged upper caste

“if you don’t speak up and be the change, what is the point of your education, humanness & other privileges? we are asking for you to join us in solidarity. your silence is violence”-oppressed

“i am a poor upper caste. i did not get any benefits.”-poor upper caste

“you calling yourself “upper” caste: and already being in the higher echelon in the society is a latent privilege”-oppressed

“i use my reserved status and also call out those below me that take reservation”-the creamy layer reserved

“i hope the humanness in us someday makes the victim that becomes the bully also realise how he felt when he was victimised”-the oppressed

“i do not see caste.”-privileged upper caste

“your refusal to even recognise the problem is the problem.”-oppressed

“you hit us. you kill. you cause violence.”-privileged

“we hit after you hit. we kill after you killed. we raised our voices after your generational suppression which you vehemently live in denial to. you say it doesn’t exist because you don’t see it. you don’t see it because you live in a society of privilege.”-oppressed

data does not lie. more oppressed die. more oppressed are denied access to facilities, social relationships and opportunities than us. the “unreserved” general category consists of 20% in this country. this 20% gets 50% reservation under the “unreserved”, “open” quota (where 95% of the seats are filled by the general category). this is the real reservation.

financial competence to pay university fees is a privilege. there is no merit there. everyone uses benefits. time has come to stop berating those that are trying their hardest to progress.

the biggest trick the devil which is the government ever pulled is to pit us against each other instead of asking the government to create more jobs and give us more seats. the reserved are not eating from our share. they are taking what is rightfully theirs. it is the pie itself that is small for which all of us should call out the government & the system. as one. that will abridge the gap between them/us. that is human. that is what we should thrive for. and fight for.

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