french restaurant

how soon is now?

if i ask for your hand and put in it flight tickets for two to paris

then, ask you to get in a tiny car where our feet don’t fit properly

and drive, while telling you stories and making you laugh, all the way to french riviera

sip on french press and eat croissants in a small restaurant

watch movies that they premiere in cannes

make love in saint tropez; engulfed in the embers of our love and the waves

may our lips stick to the script: a lot of french kisses

may your smile be ever wide and full of riches

you take it all in, the sunshine, the beach and the petite streets

let my eyes be on you, that is enough for me.

we will take a scooter too; we will breeze in the sun: you ride.

i will just sit behind you hoping for a perpetual sunlight

for our rendezvous that never ends; our love that forever lasts.

and for our french trip: viva la resistance

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