and, so it begins…

rebuilding from the smouldering embers

the flame long forgotten: anger?

maybe. the emotion is different:

steaming from a place that can be explained;

we are our childhood, we are our memories;

now finally, i end my watch:

of empathising and “figuring things out”

now i go on the journey i chose to not take:

on a chilly winter the day after my birthday in 2020,

our of fear, out of worry to miss out, out of worry of losing what i believed was true,

now, i go inside. finally. away from noise:

in solitude by choice.

an attached yet detached monk in the city

now, i rebuild from the smouldering embers the city that was promised,

the foundation always available;

10 years of superficially challenging myself ends:

this goes beyond physical & mental toughness.

this requires something else.

something resembling apathy.

something resembling choices.

something beyond and above me.

the second city shall be built.


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