there were stars shining bright.
and i took notice of the moon too.
the darkness was vast and definitely nice
but i spent my night in her eyes.
consumed on the drinks her dirty brown poured
was the only thing making this drunken knave go on
the ink that were her lips
were this poet’s only weapon
the butter that was her neck
melted as soon as my molten pinks touched them
the paintbrush that was her hair
was this painter’s canvas.
and the smile!
if only i had the words,
but i know i will never have enough
there is no justice in this world
for it there was, each breathe i take would have been in her
each second i spent would be by holding her in my arms
each view would contain her
if only this world was just,
i would always have her.
if only she knew
that she is now my world.

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