moving on

“this is goodbye, my dear

i send my regards as i hold back tears

i am glad for the times you were near

maybe we will forget about each other in a few years.”

and so stated the man, moving on again.

mixing the tears in rain.

dancing to the crowd of one.

leaving behind another chapter,

“closing?” who knows.

leaving behind memories of silence in these walls,

the sound of music in the hall.

the laughter of people asking for the last call.

the love making on the bed,

the hugs and regrets,

the things left unsaid,

the tears and the laughter,

the mornings and disaster

her giggle in the room

her eyes in monsoon.

he remembers all.

and forgets yet;

dreams of few,

and calls back none.

the giggle at the party, in a party of one.

the exchange of thoughts in the corner,

and the loudest scream when drunk.

he remembers all,

yet remembers none.

he is undone and redone,

done explaining and just enjoying the songs,

time to again move on.

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