sympathy for the devil

there are tornadoes in wisconsin

uprooting trees and stories

history remains stoic

apathetic to lovers and poets

a news flash, a heart attack, a gun clash, a breakdown

there are wails that make no sound

there are birds in aizwal that fly

cascades in the forest that stand dry

an old gun slinger that still tries

a girl with a dragon tattoo that cries

everyone lives while everyone dies

there is a statue of virgin mary where her eyes hide lies

her tears lost in the rain

silences that drive people insane

running to get aboard the home bound train

feigning and conditioned to pain

there are millions of us

and millions of stories

we keep pushing ourselves to wipe away as many tears as possible

struggling to run faster than time which we are already running short of

trying to touch as many lives as possible

not just to be the laugh at the party but the hug afterwards

not just the photo op of the masses but the ears for the words spoken rarely

the fist raised high; higher than the oppression

the punches that are blood soaked, containing plasma of evil

fighting for the daredevils and dreamers

but then i am also the blood sucking deranged monster

the personification of your nightmare

the ghost of the christmas past

the one that enters your…

last; the last man standing

come join me

i am the cult of personality

your now is a facade, i am your reality

we are the real believers

fuck your gods & preachers

there are me scattered in stories you hear

often when people are drunk or in corner whispers

i am in parts, and yet apart

none of them are me, yet all of them are.

i am the past of your stories,

the present of your thoughts

and the tales of your future

that will be unshared yet contained in you forever

i am the martyr that takes the fall

i am the demo god that stands tall

gouging on eye balls, making love less love, smiling, cussing, bullying

i am you and i am all

yet none of the above

the option d in mcqs

the first person on lists of stars and solitude

good bye


and a fuck you too.

which one will you believe?

am i the nightmare or the dream?

the one you should run away from, or the one you allow tonight to make you scream?

the sun escapes, and the light dies

remember, even believe has a lie.

the light exits, i enter the night.

drink on my lips of truth/lies tonight.

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