the story continues

The words are my escape from you

It is a song for the freedom I seek

The last call before the bar closes

The last glance before we depart

These thoughts are my anger at you

For the betrayal and the hurt

The antithesis 

Of my values, principles and definitions

Now the days and nights are the same

I work hard not because I think I am somebody

It is because I want to be somebody

To run the hamster wheel till I break the machine

Till my heart is a galloping horse running free in the fields

Till every ounce of my being is reduced and turns to dust

Till everyone thinks I have reached my breaking point but it is not enough

You don’t understand the makings of tough

It is iron, it is coal, it is a liar, it is whole

It is the funeral pyre and the burial ground

It is the lone standing stallion, the king of underground

It is the detached yet attached monk

It is the preacher that hates preachers

It is the teacher that hates teaching

It is the leader that hates leading

The one that refuses to follow but has followers

Treading on the high tides and heavy waters

It is I that refuses to falter

Do you see how i do not care?

If you have gone once, there is no coming back here.

The door is closed

The hallowed grounds

Leave, depart without a sound.

the song continues

the words are spoken

the story is written

a comma; not a full stop.

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