standing in the dark

When the darkness fights the light

And the sun feels betrayed

The cascade of bright merging streams 

All is not what it seems

The truth screams

The story of the vultures is apparent to all

Only those that fight till the end stand tall. 

The darkness does not discriminate

Knows only itself and does not hate

For all it knows is the lack of light

No one near, no soul in sight

The view is limited, but the insight runs deep

Stays till death with those that believe

Darkness is home, comfort, delight

The dreamless sleep

The silent night.

For gone are the days when people looted in the dark

Now the light is corrupted, the contrast is stark

Crimson red flows through rivers in the noon

Cold hearted knife in the month of june

And all will be quiet and dead soon.

Those that are fair, discriminate

Burnt to the core, with contempt and hate

Nothing is what it seems

Those feigning victimhood are the real demons

So, I hold the fort alone but strong

Burning out than fading away

Nothing stays for long. 

And thus I prey on the sharks

Sans light and apart

Standing in the dark

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