must be love

For her eyes are the end of me

But also the beginning

The sip of red wine

The blues, soul and rhythm divine

Must be love

Kyunki harf aur alphabet ka antar bhool jaata hun

Har bhasha me pyaar barsata hun

Jitna dur jaata hun, utna kareeb tumhe paata hun

Must be love

For the days when the friends are gone, and the songs are sung

I still find myself waiting for you and young

Traveling long distances to see your face

To hold you tight, the dying embrace

Not caring to make others understand

This is a crimson cauldron leaking romance

Waiting just to catch her glance

Holding out for another chance

Must be love

Ki fursat me bhi teri justaju hai

Tu hi ibadat, aakhri junoon hai

Jeete jee marne ka sukoon hai

Meri summer aur monsoon hai

Through the night, I hold you tight

Turn off the lights, I keep you in sight.

Rendezvous  ke kuch pal abhi bachche hai

Abhi kuch mohabbat ke alfaaz mere andar bachche hai

Jo sajaye hai maine teri yaadon se

Kuch intezaar ki raaton se

How to explain, you are my girl and world

The truth is this must be love

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