no answers

i travelled beyond the time

and stood on that spot again

where our eyes first met

and stared deep and long

at her eyes for all i care

and tried to unearth the truth

the truth of our lives

what was the honesty? what caused the delight?

what were those fireworks, what were the burning coals?

why, why did i feel so whole!

maybe it was the eyes, the way she smiled,

the way she moved her hair to the back of her ear

the way she turned red when i gave her compliments

when i touched her cheek, and called her my dear.

i stare for long, through out the night,

but no answers come to light.

so i travel to the now

and listen to each word and each sound

maybe your words do the trick

the long conversations with the myth.

the seduction of her voice,

when she says i leave her no choice

but to make love through the night

or the time she confesses and talks about her pain

the words left unsaid, that i always understand

and look through her and inside into the real woman

that wants to be held tight, through the night,

but alas, no answers come to light.

so i travel beyond the time, this time to when we will last meet

old, fragile, wrinkled, sitting under the oak tree.

maybe here i will find the answer

so i start speaking my mind

everything she was to me

my angel, my love, my rhythm divine.

maybe it was that i was broken, and she filled me with her water colors,

maybe i just wanted to love her all the time.

maybe, she was the words to my prose that make everything rhyme.

or i think i just wanted to provide,

each answer to her question, epiphanies to her doubts,

be the silence in her solitude, the noise in the crowd.

pamper her, spoil her, give her all the world’s delights.

but alas, i breathe my last,

but no answer comes to mind.

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