once i passed through the prism of me

and got torn into different streams

each cascade a prisoner in me

of thoughts, doubts, emotions and dreams

beyond the surface i opened up

looked at the life in each layer

a reminder of my now

a reminder of why i am here

the moments lived and unlived

the faces i remember and forget

the songs that remind me of us

of hope, laughter, tears and regrets

each me in me a prism and a prison

a pious sinner

rock and roll & a meditating soul

a dreamer & a kisser

a loud chant against oppression

a silence for those that want answers

a naive romantic & dancer

“i don’t know” which is why i want to know

my soul needs thoughts and words to grow

i’d rather keep running and not show

quote the raven,”nevermore.”

all the preachers are a facade

all believers are actually closeted atheists.

all success stories are written on the meat of dead bodies using ink from their blood

we are the real evil in this world

that is beyond redemption and beyond control

we will never be whole

love is the answer but we fear rejection

we crave attention so we can get faux affection

then why do we knock on wrong doors?

who knows for whom the bell tolls.

so i pack my bag and go on.

i am the wanderer of delight

i am the child in my soul.

too few a days on earth to show remorse

i ride away on my trusted horse.

each wish accepted and all prayers resigned

do not even think that you understand my mind

i pierce your soul, cause i get the truth/lies in your eyes.

each reason behind your deceit, each insecurity, each flaw.

but i don’t act on my understanding, for i would rather celebrate your life.

each good word from your mouth, each moment you smile.

for everyone’s flaws are not a thing apart from mine

just like their goodness is also me

hence, i play alone through out the night, and dance under the oak tree.

forgetting with each sip, all the old memories.

and making new ones; that are just mine and free.

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