destination: unknown & known.

trade in the childhood memories for the job now

let there be no objections and no sound

the time is ripe to go now

the curtain will be closing soon, fade out.

take a bow, soak in the applause

kiss your goodbyes to the soap opera

the phase of your life was long but now it is time to move on

it is hard to go on but there is no option

our lives operate beyond logic and our notions.

it throws a curve-ball, time for the curtain call

25 to life: time to go on.

so long? we are at the edge of the screen

pierce through, no screams.

we were the truman show

we were the reality that was shallow

broadcasted on screens and reels

faux smiling in front of christmas trees

alone with people, whole together

contradictions and convictions.

atheism and religions.

peace and violence

love and murder

how do we not surrender?

go down on our shields

we are the souls

we are the machines

striving for reason

living on extremes

chasing ourselves

chasing our dreams

lean on me, i will lean on you

scream for me, i will scream for you

love me tonight, i will love you forever

apart a part; whole together.

lets climb that ladder that society considers a parameter of success and status

we know it is not worthy, but we do not know better

than to climb on the hamster wheel and grind our youth away

maybe, then people around us will stay?

but they don’t, and in their lives we don’t

it is a contradiction and additction

it is a poem and a swan song

it is romance and chaos

it is random and layered

it is deep and shallow

it is today and tomorrow

words from a baby’s lips

tears in an old man’s eyes

the fist of the successful man

the pain in a woman’s smile

what am i? what is this life?

what are you? why do you lie?

why do you fade away? why do you survive?

what are her eyes? why do i find religion in them?

why do i curse god? why do i stay in them?

the answer is the question,

the journey is the pursuit

the destination is unknown

and we will go on.

beyond right and wrong

there is a field

i live on that ranch

cooking my chickens

raising my farm

rearing sheep and training dogs

riding horses, and making my own cigars

making babies and shooting guns

kissing her and having fun

do you see me there? i do.

that is the dream, that is my pursuit.

find me there, i contain multitudes

it is the answer, it is the song

it is the awakening, it is my known

it is my many, where i am one

it is my kingdom, come.

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