not about you

is this about you? lets sit together and find out what each post means

none of them are about you, yet all are about you.

none of them are about me and yet everything is me

you knowing me for a second was enough to know me my whole life

why do you search for me in these words? i cannot be found here

i was here when i was young; i was these words at that time

i am beyond now, i cross the sands of time.

no need to sit with anyone & reminisce about me

i am drinking cheap beer now below an oak tree

and writing stories about a life i live and unlived

about a drunk girl with short hair i almost kissed,

don’ t give it a thought, she doesn’t exist.

or a girl that kissed me, and my head went numb

she was sunshine and rain, my heart skipped a beat

my dreams, my ambitions, my myth, my lies

my pain, my laughter, my soul, my eyes

can you actually find it in these words?

can anyone find anyone here?

we are stranded on a piece of rock flying at break neck speed across the universe where only darkness exists

where people live for themselves, full of foul and deceit

where people are consumed by their insecurities and jealousy

bitching, moaning and complaining; beyond redemption and saving

hating on those that don’t conform, hating on those that have a soul

hating on those they don’t understand, or those that have values while they have none

sons of bitches, runts of cunts. fine, i am leaving, i will sit on the bench.

i know i abused, excuse my french.

don’t look for me here, look for me in my words when we meet

when we sing, dance, talk, laugh and pretend.

but we won’t. stop looking, we’ll not meet again.

as jim morrison once said:

this is the end.

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