the phone

“i have answers now, ask the questions

of the reason for the grimace, of the resignation

of me losing patience, or the expected Armageddon

ask me about the political landscape, i will give predictions

or the lasting fragrance still on me of my lover

she is sweet, just like lemonade

i am the poison, full of wrath and hate

lock eyes with me, what do u see?

ur weaknesses and ur deceit?

ur life lived, with all its secrets?

the long dinners and the buffet breakfasts?

or the long segments where u were lost,

i carry it all in my thoughts

but it is not me that u see

u see u in me, for i am free

free from ur gauge and ur gaze

ur contradictions and ur fate

u’ll never get answers that u plan to seek

u will only get u and u can’t be free

for i am the screen, the dopamine, the chase

put me to charge, i need an update

with all new features and all new ways

to drown u again, to make u insane

forget the pain, i am ur death

consuming u while u consume me

i take u deeper into my depths

of despair, of unsat chairs

of ur falling hair, and ur blind stare

and smiles that don’t reach ur eyes

u exist to show, ur fake paradise

made by the brick of lies.

and u’ll grow old and one day die

i? i will survive.”

-the phone

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