when he could not get to her

he turned around and left

but before he departed, he stated what needed to be said:

“waited a long time for the flowers to bloom

tried to stay dry in this heavy monsoon

awaited water from this desert

hid tears in this rain

longed for your breast on my skin

longed to kiss away the pain

the falling leaves must have betrayed my intentions & madness

for i took them and used them as colors for your canvas

see how this man has become insane in love

when they ask for his last wish, he still says,”her.”

their depth is shallow, their words are a lie,

for no one can love like me, no matter how hard they try

my love in unhinged, i am on the other side,

no matter where i run, where i hide.

taking off your clothes with my teeth, and my teeth dig in your thighs.

i kiss you wet everywhere, from your legs to your eyes.

break me in a million pieces, this light still shines

cremate my bones, the ashes still rise.

every ounce of my being, every sentence, every word,

i am not me anymore, i am miserably her’s.”

and so he says, and with this he departs,

beyond together, even if apart.

the end of my being, is where my love starts.

for i carry you, my dear, in my lonely but whole heart.

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