the truth of an incorrigible liar

Who killed the truth?

Did it die with us growing up?

When we realize that it is a friend too true and we don’t deserve it?

Did we bully it into submission? Tormented it with us in its dreams?

Did we leave it far behind because we accepted the reality as the new vehicle to drive

Leaving behind the bicycle of a truth; left to rust and turn to dust.

Did it die like our innocence? Did it break like that guitar string?

Or disappear in the morning after one night’s fling?

Did it turn into hate? Did it become fear?

Maybe we will forget about it like our faces in the coming years.

Did it drown in the coming and going of the wave?

Losing a bit of itself each time it was about to hit the shore

Silent to the screams of those worried;

Silent and no more.

Did it become a lie like a promise not kept? Or did it become mute like the words unsaid.

Did it become lost in the lips delectable; as lost as we were in eating each other?

Was it the wind that flew us away from it; taking us miles away so we can forget about it?

Or was it the road that made us travel far; hoping the new & brightly lit city will make us forget home?

Did the truth carry on? Maybe write a few songs?

Did the words carry the old strong message of revolt and dreams?

Did it depict tragedy and social themes?

Is it still alive?; maybe the rumors are false.

The jury is still out to take the final call.

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