the sky


an elaborate, unplanned maze that is life.

with each passing sunset,

with each passing night.

ask yourself:

where is the light?

did it go down with the dusk on that playground you played when you were young

did it pass out with your friends when we partied till dawn?

did it fall with the tear of that lover long gone?

is it forgotten like that old rock-n-roll song?

we are filled with riches now; much wiser, we are told.

we grow, apparently, as we grow old.

responsibilities maketh man, and the struggle is the answer

but why are we tackling disaster?

is this the forever and ever after?

where is the light where children play.

without inhibitions, without fear of being preyed.

where women walk freely, where caste is dead.

or that field far away where we first met.

where life is life, and nothing else.

no answers required; no gimmicks needed.

where flags fly high, that scream one earth.

no killings, no betrayals; just empathy and love.

where you can be, and so can i?

can you see the light?

can you see that sky?

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