through the defeat of the righteousness

and the burning of humanity by humans

when the oppressed is conquered by the demons masquerading as gods

when the earth is destroyed in the name of religion

will you still care? or will you just stare?

through following & joining groups just to feel like we belong

and our refusal to take the difficult path of standing alone

when we are consumed by garbage that will be served as information

when we will just be tools tied to the tools of addiction

will you still care? or will you just stare?

layers upon layers of lies will cover the truth

truth: gasping for breath and looking for an out

the commotion of hands and the absence of sound

when the man will come around.

and decide to take a stand.

will you stand with him? or will you continue with your ignorance.

for the fateful day, when the voice shall boom

the sun will rise again and the flowers will bloom


the day will come, and so will he.

ready to take hold of that which is his destiny

can you see?

you should care. for your opinion is irrelevant,

he is there.

disowning himself for the people.

ready to live and die for his values.

ready to sacrifice, ready to bear pain,

ready to do everything it takes

no sleep, no rest. everything he has done till now

was part of the process, the game he saw, and never explained.

he will be there soon.

he is home bound.

he is coming.


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