final verdict

there is a maddening trance out in the air

everyone is high and free

dancing the nights away

worries forgotten & promises betrayed

out by the windy sea

boarded on the ship

that travels on, smoking strong and takes you nowhere

and there is wisp of smoke on the hilly terrain

its been years since it rained

parched mountains feel betrayed

the smokes are from the factory nearby and not clouds

and the green trees are left naked

without clothes and prestige

the flowers all stand meek

men are rooted to their feet

there is a shadow that the mad man is trying to catch

with a fishing rope and a crips note attached

to the hook to attract the crooks

but all is in vain

everyone has gone insane

no one feels the pain

crowded and stuck in traffic in their lanes

while the smoke grows denser till we choke on it

the final verdict: we are all drowning

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