the song

i lost the song i used to get lost in

i forget the words & what they stood for

the roads that were reminiscent with the song are lost too

maybe, just maybe, i took far too long

and now i am a prisoner of my ways

and i have to go on, though i want to stay.

find a new song that reminds me of her days

her eyes, her smile, her tears, her lies

and each day i live to make it happen

and each day, with passing hours, the thought dies.

what did i see in those eyes?

was it a promise of a future i did not know

that will make the pain go away

but pain was a better lover of mine than you

you are gone; it stayed

was it cause i don’t pray?

or was it because i betrayed

how i was not in it from the start,

figuring out you was too big a task

when i was yearning for someone else’s heart

there were these eyes, that led to sunset

smile: the reason for religions

hair; reminiscent of waves

her: my dreams and vision.

was she the treatment or was she my addiction?

took far too long to get over it; and one day i woke up sane

after a long time felt no pain

and the pain that had stayed for the past 3 years

suddenly, out of the blue, went away

that pain had scars, that pain carried death

grief; stemming from the dying of someone that once said:

“i believe”

and though believe had a lie;

it didn’t feel that way with her words

and then in my pursuit for the eyes that were promised

i decided to travel the world

and i found them; or did they find me?

and it still feels like a dream

a dream i have yet to wake up from

a dream that goes on,

just like that lost song.

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