gambler’s reward

gambling, on its face value, seems excessive, unnecessary & unnatural. why would someone spend all their life’s fortunes & riches on a roll of a dice (no pun intended). but on a deeper understanding of the subject, it is anything but unnatural. it consists of logic; there is a mathematical system (that has voluminous books written on it) of probability involved; and the works on a person’s primal instinct of play-&-reward. we tend to be more hands on and with a peaked interest in a sport if our national or favourite team is playing: we watch it as if our own pride, honour or some unexplainable stake hangs in the balance; make that stake literal: and you get gambling!

the primal emotion of being all in on something that has no crash pad to buffer the loss, while the gain will also be ours (all while making it, yes, simple, to keep those intellectually limited to stay too). you are in control; is the assumption at which the player plays. of course, the latent/invisible factors show that it is always the house that is winning, but, lets not fret over those yet.

where were we? yes. you are in control; you can make things happen; all eyes are on you and people are watching your move; you have them in the palm of your hand; you can show off; make a bland and completely derivative hand gesture before you roll the dice or ask for the show of cards; this instantaneous adrenaline rush makes dopamine and has been the definition of happiness as defined by freud. gambling, can be looked at from a psychological (play-and-reward), financial (gain-and-loss), philosophical (urges, demons, thoughts, wait, did she vomit on the carpet again?!), political (citizens as the gamblers and the govt. as the house), emotional (broken hearts & the winning hand) & social (broken homes & lives) aspect.

gambling is life. life is a gamble. is it right or wrong? as shakespeare wrote in hamlet,”there is no right or wrong; it is just our thinking of it”. to those that don’t get it, they never will. to those that do, they don’t need to be told this. or as kenny rogers said,”you gotta know when to hold ‘em & when to fold ‘em.”

lets roll the dice & chase the dragon. just ignore the part where the house is winning.


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