what are we?

what are we?

guns in the hands of children instead of pens

tears in the eyes of the women instead of dreams

hunger pangs in the stomach of youth instead of excitement

drugs in the veins of the boys instead of adrenaline

graveyards & cremation grounds instead of jungles

borders instead of bridges

silence instead of conversation

estrangement instead of love

fads instead of philosophy

reels instead of thoughts

porn instead of poetry

skyscrapers instead of mountains

toxic fumes instead of oxygen

hatred for votes instead of development

propaganda instead of agenda

men’s opinion over women’s choice over her body

religion over reason

caste over care

noise over thoughts.

what are we?

a ticking time bomb hell bent on self annihilation

a cloud of smoke blinded and directionless

an escape from reality

a pursuit of unhappiness

lies, betrayals, trials, denial.

we are the hell, fire and brimstone.

the promised land that is doomed for destruction

with our false gods and false identities hoping that we will find a reason to feel like we matter

while not being ready to face ourselves and taking the required journey

of empathy, power, strength & compassion

what are we?

not ready to see the truth,

that we are dying with each breath we take

for as long as we keep taking the wrong roads

to find the wrong destinations

we are doomed by our own existence.

living a pretence.

the end.


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