the times

crumbled on that piece of paper flying away in the wind was a to-do list of dreams

once during a sleepless night he had thoughts, ideas and plans to achieve means

now as he sits having sold his dreams for alcohol, racetracks, resorts and riches beyond hope he sees

the material life, luxury are nothing but a deception to make us seem as if we are in control of our needs

while being used by what we use; it is a conglomeration of an unrealised assault on our nerves & cords

and as we sit on our majestic seat and play the cards game thinking we will win, it is always the house that holds

the winning cards and we are just passengers on this bus ride that will not last for long

but we still travel on thinking we are the drivers and fake being strong

but the utter contempt at our future us that has far far-long foregone the ideals that used to rejuvenate our soul makes us sick

the preachers preaching their false soliloquy for which he had written down all counterpoints are also lost in a diary he lost

and though he sharpens the blade of career he realises that the real purpose lies subconsciously, dormant waiting to explode and it is a cost

be has to bear for time is an evil that refuses to stay still for even him flashing his shining watch on its face

and smiles, feigns interest to make conversations with people of faith and no values and sheep that follow norms and trends that will reap no benefits

attempting to find a place in this world where their growth can be curbed by applause, compliments and hide their real and inner fears

how does it feel?

to be a known unknown, a famous forgotten face, a soundless song, with everyone & alone.


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