a paper boat called lifetime

ripples of rain drops on the street, a paper boat of past and future set by a child called lifetime

concocted stories, flashing headlights, silent smiles, cocaine lines

spray painted walls with words and pictures that contain frustration and hope

amalgamation of promises, betrayal, stains of alcohol and dope

rusted wheels of a red bicycle that used to travel the world

small feet, small peddles, big dreams, bigger balls, town pride

a speech heard from a father on a city at the sea shore

revisited waters, war cry for change, thunderous applause, ignited fire

early morning runs and hitting the punching bag with force

sweet sweat, sweeter progress, hunger, power, roar, desire

passion beyond measure, a mindset beyond description

family, love, laughter, money, guns, friends, followers, noise, power

a wooden table set for 5, with a dog playing around an oak tree

an espresso cup, a hug, a laughter, a tear, white hair, vision clear.

clean the stage now, pull the curtain down, he is ready now

to walk away and stop watching the child on the street with the paper boat


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