23 till death

the night is up to its shenanigans again

the alcohol is filled to the brim

i taste it and your lips

and casually put my hand around your waist

is it a mistake? i’d rather remorse than regret

life on the fast lane, full of laughter and bets

do you not recognize me? this was me before the monsoon

long before you came, it brought me infinite tears and gloom

but i forget about it and take a sip

and cheers to those i hold close now

to those that passed away you are missed

and a middle finger to those that chose to go away,

alive or dead i cannot say

it is a bag of mixed emotions; and that is okay

for what is life’s happiness if there was no sadness to compare

and the tears of happiness i feel now were once tears of despair

those that understand can go away too; those that didn’t are already gone

i live, love, laugh, and hold the last call till the party goes on

we are not here for long

might as well live the night away

once a kid from aberdeen said:

“better burn out than fade away”

but till then i am here to stay

those bruised knees can signify “head” or a prayer

and which is devotion, and which blasphemy, who is to say?

all i know is i ain’t god, for god is shorter

and i ain’t ever looking down upon someone to pray.


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