we; this generation

we are the generation that was promised

that will hold our neighbours hands and break bread

empower women and redefine the archaic & inane definitions/restrictions of identity & categorisation

eschew preaching of tradition & culture that exploits our heartstrings at the price of our rationality & thought

burn the books that have discriminated & pitted us against each other and “created” an inferior for the superior to oppress

kill the saints & priests that mis-interpret & blind us with their “morality” & hierarchy

renounce hyper rapid & aggressive “heroes” that are used as instruments of idolism & worship by inferior men that lack virility

hold accountable the previous generation for its lack of stand & allowing space for vultures to spread their hate & discriminate

move beyond the small wins of dopamine hits that limit our growth & regress us to not look beyond a few bright pictures on our screens that hold our attention span for a few seconds.

we were the generation that was promised

alas, we wait for the next one now.


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