i travelled beyond time

saw the day rome crumbled

saw the flying cars and men reading thoughts

the dinosaurs, the skyscrapers, the plastic, the jungle.

i travelled both beyond and through time

each memory revisited, each desire resigned

i forget the faces but not how they made me feel

i left them all behind, giving them time to heal

my demons are varied, but as much theirs as mine

my shortcomings and theirs are not a thing apart

tired of the words that don’t mend, the cliched heart to heart

so i decide to end it; take a stand & stand it

“i may be on the side of the angels but i am not one of them”

the demon in me is tired to pretend

they want shady, they got it.

the outworker; the emotionless killer, the departed

i am glad we parted

acid to the wounds.

stop waiting, i ain’t returning soon.

i am forever summer

you will always be monsoon.


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