there are these waves

there are these waves

which used to be melancholic before,

curving, rising and falling now; her hair

there are these moments when the earth stops spinning

everything stops: just her smiling

lying down all night listening and laughing

deep and a death clutch, a forever and after: her stare

her memories a ride, her laughter has layers

i hold her tight to make her see; i care.

her shyness is the end of me

her words a new chapter to our love novel

that i cannot stop reading; i fear,

for her; i can kill and die,

i can climb fences, run amok and lie

the skeletons in my closet smile

with her around, i don’t care

there are these waves

curving, rising and falling; her hair

i grab a hold of one and put it behind her ear

so happy, i get a tear

car rides that last hours

laughter that lasts nights

conversations that last a lifetime

i lost count; i hold her near

i drink her like a beer

i love you, my dear

with each passing day, our moments an escape

the world a maze & disgrace

i kiss her neck’s nape

i can look at that face

without a pause, for years

coffee, tea, trees, laughter

forever and after

there are these waves…..

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