the chase

raised fists believing in change

the dawn of a new world order

beaten up and chained

bars till older

the obliterating catastrophe is the journey to find peace

the final conquering is the quest to tame the mind

those dancing to a song others can’t hear are insane

when thought of like this, lovers and insane are same

gulping down a sweet smelling potion, that gives them a high & pain.

i tasted the rain mixed with tears

and yearned for my childhood years

remembering those faces that stayed at home

long lost; off to find new sunsets; gone.

where are the toy soldiers that don’t bleed

that fall from heights and don’t shatter

i forget the age i am in, i fight to be a different breed

that stays quiet & strong; the silent gary cooper type.

that speaks no truth & tells no lies

that works hard, loves fully, stays up late at night

but reminisces the lost childhood that each night dies

each one i loved was because some part of them reminded me of my childhood

and i get married when i have completely forgotten my childhood

when my needs & wants are gone, and i don’t enjoy songs

maybe then, maybe, then i will go on.





till then, i make mistakes; i live for the chase

i don’t act my age; i fly & rage

i punch my cage.

i resist. i run. i ride; keep guns.

i chase the myth, the myth i believed

when i was a child, and saw myself in that dream.

the king of the world, all at my feet.

higher than all, no signs of defeat

the stamina of a horse, no fatigue.

a man without feelings; just honor, money & an inexorable belief.


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