days (years), events, tears, have buried you

silence & finding meaning your home

and i will not come to give you a shoulder

for we are all on the same ship, soldier.

you do not need me anymore

just wanting to be heard but not finding the words

lost at parties, bored at book clubs

everyone is waiting for their turn to talk

no ears; drugs & alcohol cannot save us

we have been betrayed by the generation before us

cradling on a bed filled with thumbtacks

dancing to a tune that no one recognises

living our lives out, one burst of anger/cry/wail/laughter/death at a time

running on a well built block of tar to reach our office

roads; whose only objective now is to make sure you reach on time (or early)

roads; that have forgotten that once they were used for journeys

roads; that do not lead to destinations now, just pit stops.

roads; that do not answer back anymore to the lonesome calls of camaraderie.

roads; that have forgotten the way to home.


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