no god/all good

once in my mind and on the road,

i came across a person (a man!), the story told.

he told me to believe and renounce disbelief

and take every word he said as truth.

first he told how he is actually thirty three

described in four books written by deities.

it does teach to discriminate and hate

and so what if a few sections of society are preyed!

see, some just cannot be considered human

stomp them, kill them, and take their women!

but the hour is running late

and lets gloss over the rights of women as always

ignore the rest, pray to me and stay!

then he told me how he is actually not god, but god’s son

lets break the society into two

and have a dispute over this too!

and he was hanged on a cross by a few sons of guns.

and his mother’s husband had no wife!

now he sacrificed his life

such a case of a virgin giving birth is only one!

now remember this, for this is important

a woman has no choice over her own body so no abortion!

also, my disciples and priests may fondle some minors

but that is a minor issue, off to the diner!

lets have a royal feast (turkey!), and may god be with you.

oh, ps, completely forgot, this is important: hate all jews!

now with all this new information,

let me tell you about another impersonation

there was a cattle boy, that ran in the desert

and reached a cave where he was told

that i am the only almighty god!

now this happened in a completely new location

the books may match, but it ain’t plagiarism!

the women should be veiled,

and always by their mard be tailed

and no jokes on our prophet mohammad!

if this happens, heads will roll,

do not question, my anger has taken its toll!

now pray to the book, it has all the answers

and yes, music is a no no too, kill all the dancers!

now with all of this, what do you say?

the options are many to whom will you pray?

as you can tell, all are cool, by the way.

gloss over the minor issues, come to me!

with all of this in mind,

i decided to do what any sane person would

to shun him and all within him equally and burn their books

for all are bad, it is kinda sad,

that all of them are not stabbed in the eye by a knook!

to be human is to be rational

chase for equality, and remove social conflict

the only issue my household has now is we do not know

which god my wife should scream to in her moans!


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