love happened

when we lie shattered in and within ourselves

and the silence speaks more words than words ever can

can i keep hugging you till sleep takes over?

can i turn you into a bead string that i can keep counting?

a meditation; a devotion. a childhood’s memory that i am living now.

this soft addiction keeps giving me a high

a veil revealing a face brighter than the sun

scorching me in love; making me religious.

touch me once, and i can die in peace..

for death can only bring me to those depths

where i surrender to this escapade

this imbroglio of emotions; this hour that always runs late

“you are not just in my life; you are my life”

i have waited patiently & impatiently countless nights

ran scenarios faster than time & withered away hours

now i can see that this time is ours

to fly higher than my friends high on cocaine

you are the final shot in the veins

i am complete & completely mad with her

if the flowers had known her love they wouldn’t have withered

come, lets head home now, the friends won’t understand.

get changed, smile and do our slow dance

words do not so justice

no rhyme is enough

but i still try

for all i have is words.

love; love happened. 🙂


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