expected of the night to play these tricks with me

i try to not react and let it be

but the night lets everything fall

and before i know it the evil stands tall

the reality that i can’t save all

starts taking a toll

and i, i try to fight with all my might

but there is no sign of light

wake up to the roosters crow

the day brings with it the sun’s shade

it might look serene

but there is no escape

for beyond the iron walls

the evil it still stands tall

and the 9-5 has taken its toll

and the righteous have no other way but to crawl

and i, i look at the sun and cry

for even in the light, truth dies.

who to blame now? this life, the night or the sun?

turning heel to the dark side, start living by the gun

and the bullet it does not discriminate

it lives on the principle of hate

and all the sermons are kinda late

for in the charcoal and tar now i bathe

and i, i stand vindicated and can explain

for you see the now but forget about the past pain

and we are all lost now, like tears in the rain.


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