you will never hear the complaints of your shortcomings

or how i felt i was betrayed and left with my face in the mud

cause i have better things to do for my ranch awaits

and it requires me to milk that cow in the morning

take the horse out to the fields for grazing

train my dog to rip off throats of any intruders

and kill my chickens so we can eat

you will not hear me complaining about your betrayals though i know them

and i know you know that i know

for my mind is far off on the fields where i belong

where my buffaloes are well fed

and my dogs are mean and nasty

where my roosters crow in the mornings

and my girl sleeps naked next to me on our hardened mattress

i take no prisoners

i leave no margin for error

i have to work around the clock

without any appreciation

nor do i ask for it.

i like my bike muscular

and my gun double barrelled

i like the smell of the soil in the mornings

and that of gun powder

keep your government and your tax invoices

i got mouths to feed

i got some on my ranch too

but all of you are the real sheeps

unknown to the real world

just real on your screens and pages

while i am the real man that gets shit done

on all of the life’s stages

so fuck on off, excuse my french

i am not that well versed and got no manners

but unlike you i am tolerant towards all

and i only wave my family and this earth’s banner.


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