it has been a minute

philosophizing before i become rich

before my hair turns grey; before i sell out

for right now what i feel, i have existed before this

and beyond this point my existence will be different

i will feel different; i will know different.

the fallacies will be more evident, the tics more difficult to control

it has been a minute though: seems like yesterday when i was flying off ladders

jumping with pillows and breaking mattresses

seems like yesterday when i was preparing for road trips and riding around town on my scooter

seems like yesterday; and the realization that today will be yesterday tomorrow

let me breathe for a minute, take it all in: release

for what i feel now and how i feel it will never exist

it will be lost in the very existence of its being

it will be gone like the dew drops by afternoon.

perished like those laughs of those long dead

destroyed by the corruptibility of tomorrow and while fighting those that don’t play fair

it does seem like it has been a minute when i had things in control

it does seem like the faces are lost in the forever-ness of their un-kept promises

sometimes i feel i still have a song in me

and sometimes it feels i have lost the rhymes

though they come back to me when i flip through the pages of my memories

some words i mumble, some i remember clearly

tear drops on the canvas that was kept clean because the brush was lost

now i have the brush, but there is no imagination left.

wrinkles, where there were lipstick marks

silence where there were words and laughter

the only constant that has stayed is me.

and these thoughts that change but stay the same…..

it has been a minute since i prayed.


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