sometimes we are entering at the end

gnomes in a world of giants; courageous, hard working but gnomes nevertheless

bleeding, hungry, eaten away, diseased.

myths that do not make the headlines for the myths are of defeat.

even the failures make it; as the what not to do columns.

how knowing something can make u detached to it

sometimes not knowing the mechanism is better.

the mystique is the attraction; the summation of little things the whole.

why to write something that elicits a reaction?

why to write anything at all?

emotions are a hormonal disbalance that are secreted to satisfy our primal instincts

it is a survival mechanism for a species that does not require it anymore

for a species hell bent on weakening and destroying itself

one dopamine hit at a time:

money, status, power, fame.

rewind and take it back to simpler times.

the answer is the question; question has no answer.

the answer is lost in the very essence of its being.

life is a cause worth living.


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