Quote the Raven,”Nevermore”

When it is time for the world to see

Will you come over & be with me?

Will your long hair fall on mine as we lie down to sleep?

Will your lips taste the same, will your eyes stay petite?

Will your cheeks still remind me of the monsoon glow?

The dawn of time, of a song from eons ago.

For my life metamorphosed, a lot of lives I shed

My hours counted by your smile, my minutes your breath.

I speak a lot, but most is left unsaid.

The journey I seek, the promises I kept.

A world your eyes, I become a wreck

Your heart a light, piercing all depths

Come, let us leave now, let me take you home

While we drive away listening to our favourite song

Laugh, for that makes me go on.

Every minute I die, every second re-born.

Speak, converse, ignite our souls.

Apart a part, together a whole.

Look towards the horizon, I see the shore

Together? forever; raven? “Nevermore.”


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