One Day

If you try to find hate in the oppressed;

Even with words & abuses hurled at the oppressive;

You will find an absence of hate.

The hate stems from being hated on,

The anguish of feeling inferior for variables beyond their control.

Variables that were created by the oppressive to stay in the position of power.

Arbitrary variables that do not hold any significance or method

This distinction between “me and you” has led to violence, blood & tears.

To be human is to break these shackles of old & create a world of equity

Where all stand together, integrate, acculturate.

Love, live, laugh, eat together, run together, fly together.

A day where our differences are strengths and curiosities to understand one another

Where we ride together & spread peace & empathise with each other’s fears & weaknesses

Where we laugh the innocent laughter of childhood & love like they show in movies but for real.

Where hate has no space; where aggression is used in sports & combat recreational activities.

Where there is love…. And only love.

One day.


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