Back with rap

Clouds bleed for their lover,

If only we loved each other.

Still waiting for that Summer.

The people run for cover

From the bombs flying from the sky

Each day a lover dies

Preachers still testify.

Still punchin’ till I die

And it is crunches and lunges

I crawl over and plunge in

The sky darkens and it is hazy

Love engulfs all that it touches

Hope still clings on to the crutches.

All get on their knees & pray

Waiting for the new promised day.

Summon for the troubles

Some one to hold another

It is done & it is over

Demons still grow & hover

Society keeps going lower

Jay Z died, still lives Hova

I still a Casanova

No need to be a show-er

In silence we grow-a

New world order.

Surprised? I told ya

We takin’ over!


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