When did we?

All crave & pray to the same evil

That will take away their life

Conqueror of thought & views

Demon of the night

All of us will die away

Repeat the same mistakes

History revisited, no rectification.

Same results, same commotion.

While the dead wither away from disease & hunger.

The prime leader grows in number

His supporters that will kill in his name

And the oblivious influencers are still busy chasing fame.

Give a generation a tool to fool them

And they will be fooled for life

Real meaning of life forgotten

Willing for self demise

Where are the reckless enigmas that would fight till the night

For things that stood for life?

Poetry, revolution, books, overhauls,

Music, love, thoughts, revolts,

Dance, brotherhood, debates, breaking the status quo.

Protests, chants, solutions, thunder bolts.

Where did they all wither away?

When did we make the mistake?

Of thinking life can be estimated by numbers?

And start giving attention to those dumb influencers

That stand for everything that is lame

Who poured water over the burning flame?

Spineless, inane, & chasing fame.


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