Do you know?

Do you know the peace when love is happy & true?

Do you know when you smile at night the moonlight becomes you.

The chaos, the disaster, the havoc, the wreck;

All in the rear view mirror, forgotten and dead.

The only moving parts are the road we are on, our lips when they meet and our souls;

Do you know when I am with you I feel whole?

What is love? I don’t care to know if the answer is not you.

Do you know when it rains, the petrichor is you.

A thousand miles is a short distance to see that smile,

The only view worth capturing in memory is her eyes,

The angel in her heart, and the devil in her mind,

Do you want us to make love again all night tonight?

Or shall I cook & we talk the night away?

Over coffee & whiskey, just like yesterday?

Want me to say something cheesy that makes you blush?

Honey + Himanshu (moon) = Honeymoon; or is it too much?

I want to stop, but your laugh is a dead give away,

So, I choose to hold you between my arm & the silences & stay.

The shooting stars died a long time ago cause they couldn’t be saved,

They would have made it out alive had they seen your face.

All roads lead to her, she is the only light I see,

Can we go back to our first date again, where our eyes meet?

So I can express more vehemently what you mean to me;

My hometown, my music, my prophecy, my odyssey.

Do you know when they say I am mad about you, it is true?

When the sun rises in the morning, the sunshine becomes you.


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