I spoke? Naught.

I saw the burning houses on the second cross street.

I heard the charred women screaming for their charred babies.

I smelled the burning mortar on the road fresh beyond its melting point.

I spoke? Naught.

I saw the mob running to kill the distinct.

I heard the scream of the pain while the clubs hit his skin.

I smelled the blood & the faeces relieved from him.

I spoke? Naught.

I saw the poor dying & crying by the road.

I heard their screaming wails from hunger pangs.

I smelled the impending death hanging on them.

I spoke? Naught.

I saw the supreme leader raise his fist

I heard his contemptuous words of violence & revenge

I smelled the shallow promises & cowardice within.

I spoke? Naught.

I saw the few that did rage against it take to the streets.

I heard their chants & stand.

I smelled the revolution in them & everything they demanded.

I spoke? Naught.

They saw my body taken for its last rites

They heard the few that raise me chant “ram naam satya hai“

They smelled the death in & within me.

They spoke? Naught.


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