The Wrestler

Blood on the canvas

The sweat drenched carnival

The lights above us

The 3 count and it will be over

The curtain call; the passing of the torch.

The ‘roids have kicked in; the veins are engorged.

A career taking bumps, the lost brain cells

The deathmatches, the last man standings, the hell in the cells.

Body on the line, the story is the pain.

The masquerade of not being hurt; the troubles of the day.

Pills, cocaine, alcohol and sex.

Anything to taper the punishment.

Broken bones, blood, concussions.

Glory, cash, heartbreak & redemption.

The lines between reality & facade are blurred forever.

A storyline with a broken house a reality,

And the pain of not seeing your daughter worse than a piledriver

If you know, you do, if you don’t you never will.

Shhh, lets retain kayfabe, count me out while I lie still.


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