It is hysterical that a criminal is a vestibule to the inner demons of a bloody afternoon that was created long back by a road map of kidnap of chance to those that worked hard & maintained patience by men

… that will condone a woman not being able to choose whether she wants a child or not and abortion creates commotion and elicits emotion in men that cannot get erections.

Traction on the mass guns that those bastards carry around with no repercussions, combustion is a slow burn in the saga of eruption of violence that torments the streets by men that abhor women.

Destroy them that won’t bend to the white man’s criteria of employment. Control, hence, all races that don’t match the colour print of the fair men. Boring how common is this abomination & torment; join hands and fight back these cowards & door men that block doors for progression of all men.

Elections are fake flexion by the majority that requests plebiscite to run over minority & historically equality can never be achieved if the priority is to maintain the status quo, and bow and bend over to the ruler that is a despot and running the risk of killing all with one finger tip on the trigger to nuclear warheads that are far ahead on the scale of violence that we can predict and elicit a craving for blood on their hands: cocky shits.

Never forget that there are people that exist that voted to power a mother fucking prick that was on a shitty talk show and admitted to grabbing women by their pussy & not caring. Daring are those that fight back these money whores that do not have the balls to stand up for right hence, ignite those minds, men to achieve the right ends that end all violence & torment & bombardment beyond anything we can understand.

Spread light.

Be bright.

Respect choice.

Fuck Pro-Life.


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