The harmonica

Somewhere in the distance, the man in the shadows holds a play

There is no depth to the circus, the old men say

On their knees, arms folded, they get together & pray

Sight charred, broken arms, waiting for the new day.

Let it be stated & confessed, every hour is a punishment

Crowded to a point, claustrophobic; eventual suffocation.

Grasping for breath, losing sight, this life is an illusion.

A painting of a village from long ago, by a young girl is the only solution.

Absolved knaves visit the tavern, looking for a sip.

To forget those deep blue eyes; to forget their sins.

And somewhere in the distance, a harmonica is heard.

Taking the messages unheard, fly away the birds.

Take me in your arms tonight, maybe you or I will find god.

Or whisper your deepest desires, in my ears as a song.

I ain’t going to heaven, but I will bring heaven to you.

There are many a pretenders, but lovers like me few.

On the glistening, cigarette nights, the tobacco, it holds strong.

Keep smoking on the sins tonight, the night is forever long.

Dance away your demons, I will dance away the gloom.

Scream your problems to the sky, I will scream with you.

Oh, woman of the night, I remember you.

The tears have gone dry, and the promises too.

All that is left are your smiles, and the burden they hold.

Your lips give no respite, no stories are told.

Maybe some day on a dreamy rendezvous,

We’ll fight the night & the fairy tales will hold true.

Till then, farewell, I bid you adieu

Good bye, muah, and a good night too.


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