drifting sentences

An unexamined life is not worth living.

Giving ‘meaning’ to life is a vital distinction between human beings & others.

There is a difference between the hatred of the oppressor & the oppressed.

Who knows what was the meaning of everything we lived, I am just glad I lived it.

Religion ruins life.

Weak men tend to look up to weaker men that create a perception of being strong.

Real strength is in compassion.

You are what you consume.

Conscience exists; a soul does not.

Education is often used as propaganda; wisdom is free from such ideosyncracies.

Love is always the right answer.

We live a pretence; even when we are alone.

The next generation is always better.

Take the trouble to understand what you hate.

Values > Belief > Faith.

The rich never die because of schisms. It is only the poor that suffer.

Never open up to others unless asked a question.

Politicians lead an unenviable life of reclusion & solitude.

We are the commodity. We are the product. We are what is being sold.

Privacy is a prerequisite. Hide everything you value. Show what is of the least importance.

Always give a chance to love.

Declutter & remove objects & people.

People don’t understand beyond their scope of outlook.

Avoid inundation.

The rat race only makes you a rat.

‘I don’t know’, is the only genuine answer.

Prediction is precise calculation. Life cannot be calculated.

Values are the canvas on which hobbies are painted.

Say what has never been said before.

A life of seclusion is a brave life.

Photo by Rodrigo Souza on Pexels.com

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