the way back home: pt.2

Your eyes stay & peel away

The facade of calm

The flesh between the arms

The nights when feet touched between sheets

The days when smiles were exchanged during meals

The tar on the road burnt by wheels

As ruins of the night stay 

As a reminder

Of the tears that were shed there & long after

Reminiscent of the disaster

In my head & ours

For our pain & scars

Still fresh after what feels like hours

Which are actually years now

& the soil where our footprints were etched

Have been filled by concrete

& the window through which wind gushed through

On our skin has long been shut

With glass & metal bars

The time long gone

Which we used to call ours

Leaving behind

Imprints on our mind

A memory of the road

That used to,

Way back then,

Lead home



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