The Man on the Sand

Sand as far as the eye can see, mirage, a devil’s trick

No answers but the yellow land, feet growing tired & the sweat thick

He has travelled alone, from a place unknown, a faceless man without a name

No fears, no tears, no feelings; for those that felt are now insane

He carries scars that once bled crimson, and eyes that once contained hope

Buried like a lover gone, deep in his soul, rotten, like his faith in the lord

He raises his fist, as if a farewell kiss, and points his finger to the sky

Smiles, with notoriety on his face & declares,”I ain’t gonna die”

Mother nature stands still, for this man & his thrill

& try what may, Sun, snow or prey, she cannot go for the kill

For the mortals can’t comprehend, his will to survive is bigger than any

God, lord, king, council, society & mountain have failed and tried many

He walks through the desert, with revenge on his mind, 

For those close to his heart, & he shall fall like the storm upon those that will feel his wrath

& so he goes on, and so goes the song

The desert parted & created a way for the one with more heat than the land

Footprints etched forever on the path, there walked “The Man on the Sand”

Photo by Alex Azabache on


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