Month of June

They came at noon

Blowing wind, blazing sun

Month of June

Shots fired

Heard by all

Seen by none

Some that saw

Say they didn’t

Some that heard

Swear they are deaf

Some that cared

Are now dead

A few phone calls

A few death threats

A little transaction

And that’s that

Turn a blind eye

Look the other way

Act like its night

While outside its day

A few rapes

But that’s okay

Gotta protect the protector

A few lewd eyes

But hey


You know the routine

Say she was eighteen

Even though she was thirteen

Look the other way

Just close your eyes & pray

Rapes, deaths & extortion

Are just en route to the promotion

Cunning & sinister

That’s how you become the prime minister

Be brutal

Be ruthless

Be whatever you thought you’ll never be

A few red seas

Mixed with a few papers of green

& everything will be forgotten

Everything forgiven

Embrace the demons

Love the hate

Don’t wait

Just hit the forward button

Communalise & eat them like mutton

Let the lynchers lynch

Let the mothers cry

As long as it is not us

Let others die

“Whataboutery” is a shield

Use it whenever

& when all is lost

Remember our Fuhrer is forever

Lies are the new truth

History will be written

By the WhatsApp messages we read

Our flesh is ours

But their flesh is meat

Unleash the dogs

Let them feed

The new country will be ours

We will sow the seeds

Our children will know better

They will learn what we preach

Communalise & divide

To everyone their each

Be impulsive

React & act


That’s how we stay intact

Remember these words

For when all is lost

These words will stay

Our children will be murderers

But that’s okay

There is no DNA

There are no genes

We are all made of steel

Praying to the machine




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