Stood for Life

the strength of the might

a rendezvous at night

a secret told to a wife

Stood for the Sun

the hope to live as one

the chance to see light

and the day that begun

Stood for Roads

that contained serenity

of a long forgotten street

a lost opportunity

Stood for Freedom

a bare-footed running

a black horse galloping

a man’s homecoming

Stood for Defiance

against the traditions

the veils & the burqahs

the patriarchy & conditions

Stood for Revolt

against the assault

to silence the oppressors

to alter the successors

Stood for Reform

a chance to perform

to play a character

to laugh & mourn

Stood for Change

to laugh to cry

to forget the pain

to redeem ourselves again

Stood for Insight

to look within

to contemplate & balance

the present & past sins

Stood for Reality

the vulnerability of the human race

meeting the unknown faces

the hardships; the disgrace

Stood for Clear Grounds

mornings with bird sounds

running with abandon

sweat & surrender

Stood for Air

the wind to our hair

a life lived without care

the final lear

Stood for Death

and a place for them to rest

the buried, the burnt

and whatever they said



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